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Hi! Thanks for visiting the colorful sparkly world of Camellia Taylor’s Art! 

I’ve been drawing since I was a child but started taking my art seriously about 9 years ago. In high school I took an art class that expanded my horizons on different forms of art and I gained the courage to sign up for an art show my senior year in high school called “Arts in the Park”.

I won the show (unfortunately I have no pictures to show because **shrugs shoulders), just memories of total happiness. After this and many years later I reminded myself of these memories and a sense of completeness I felt when I picked up a paint brush again years later.

In 2012 I started painting again but recently began painting full time. I’m still unable to put myself in one category of art style because my vision expands just one particular category. Good or bad, I’m sure eventually I’ll figure this out but until then I’m going to paint what my heart leads me to paint **insert smile!