Art Inspiration

Camellia Taylor

Traveling more, worrying less, embracing my flaws, being one with my passion, with art and with the people and things that matter most. 

The first painting you see when you walk in this gallery.  Of course it is breathtakingly beautiful and full of textures and color.  What appears to be a long day after work and family time + bonding. 

Textures of acrylic paint  

At first I imagined mother and son, then I thought maybe it’s woman and her child-like boyfriend who refuses to give direct eye contact and play video games.  I know I’m not far from wrong here! There are men who still play games out here.  Whatever you see, it’s our individual opinion. 


 I call this, guys in the park, perhaps after school on a hot day.  But what could they be talking about? Their next venture, girls, a disappointing grade... Use your imagination. 

Above are the textures used in this painting.  I had to get a closeup so you can feel what I feel.


What I see here is a lonely guy trying to figure out life! Bills, women, he hates his 9-5, he can’t sleep because duty calls and so many issues are racking his brain at 2am. 


Guy on guy pleasure.  I love this because it speaks change, growth in today’s society that this is our new normal. And no one can judge.  Pure joy and happiness. 


Small talk before sex! Or after pillow talk.  A guy telling his woman how much he loves her.